Greetings! Grace and peace. I am a retired Presbyterian minister (PCUSA) with the socially awkward name of Laurin McArthur. My flock was a small town, small church near New York City. I was Reverend Mac. Preaching was a second career. The first was on Wall Street. Atonement?

Lectionary Musings and Amusings will attempt to provide resources for the pastor likes to include a little humor in their delivery of the word. I am convinced that Jesus joked, perhaps a lot. My practice was to open with a humorous story that somehow related to my chosen preaching text or theme.

Many of the stories presented here are unoriginal, but in the public domain. If any copyrights are violated, it is not intentional. Please advise and the content will be removed. You may use my musings as free-ware, without attribution.

I am a great fan of the Ralph Milton blog still available through textweek(also a fan). That blog was greatly enhanced by follower contributions. I hope that this one will be as well.

Would love to hear from you! Laurin

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